Promote your brand with premium custom trucker hats with double side bands

Grow brand awareness while looking great! Put your logo and colours on Australia's ultimate trucker cap!

custom basic trucker hats

Basic Trucker

A classic custom trucker hat with optional side bands. Available in high or low profile. Has limited decoration and fabric options. The basic has Australian Head fit crown. Made with limited premium fabrics acrylics, cotton & camouflage. Has minimum decoration placements on hat. Front crown decoration Options: full front print layered, simple 3d embroidery, flat embroidery or simple sew-on badge. Comes in High & Low profile.

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custom midrange trucker hat with side bands

Midrange Trucker

The midrange most popular trucker cap with side bands that gives you a large range of decoration choices, and full colour range of most fabrics including original wraparound double bands and free custom woven inner labels. Does provide optional woven side labels. Has full decoration position placement. Comes in high and low profiles.

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custom power trucker hat australia

Power Trucker

Our topline Power trucker cap with side bands gives you the most customisation options and the largest layered print area. Includes all the features of a midrange plus additional design options for the brim such as a sandwich brim, on top brim decoration under brim print with optional woven side labels. Print on mesh overlay. Comes in high and low profiles. Has full decoration position placement … plus much more!

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custom foam trucker hat

Foamie Trucker

Similar to our midrange offering this versatile refined cap has one crucial difference: the front panel and brim are made from premium soft-touch foam with firm buckram. This allows the front panel decoration in layered sublimated print ideal for photographic images. You can have a second layer over the top of any other decoration type on the front crown.

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Key features of our promotional trucker caps

Front panel decorationcheckcheckcheckcheck
Mesh backingcheckcheckcheckcheck
Print on Mesh  check 
Woven side tabcheckcheckcheckcheck
Woven inner labelscheckcheckcheckcheck
Limited Fabric Colourscheck   
Unlimited Fabric Colours checkcheckcheck
Knit Foam Crown  checkcheck
Double Side Bandsoptionalcheckcheckoptional
Woven Side Labels checkcheck 
Sandwich Brim  check 
On Top Brim Decoration  check 
Under Brim Print  check 
1 Rubber Badge Decoration  check 

Our basic starter cap embodies the original trucker hat design with a mesh backing with a high or low profile crown.

The Basic Trucker Hat has some limited characteristics. The decoration placements are specific and limited, however, they are in important places. There is a large embroidery area to display your logo or custom text, a woven side tab for your website address and a woven inner label for social media details.

The Basic Aussie Trucker Hat hat offers a straightforward set of customisations, making it a cost-effective way to create personalised trucker caps for your brand. Ideal for pubs, hotels and breweries.

  • Full colour sublimated print on crown
  • 3D and flat embroidery on front crown
  • Large woven sew-on badge
  • Rear arch standard wrap around text
  • Amazing 3D design help tools available on this website
  • Woven side tab
  • Woven inner label
  • Australian exclusive head fit
  • High Profile
  • Low Profile
  • Default - 59cm
  • Medium - 58cm
  • Small - 56cm
  • Premium Acrylic/polyester
  • 100% Premium Cotton
  • Australian Designed Camouflage
  • Premium Mesh Panels
You Customise

Using our exclusive 3D design help tools simply press the customise button on the left under the hat.

Featured Basic Trucker Hat Designs


Stepping up the scope for customisation, our midrange Aussie Trucker Hats with double sidebands is the most popular and best seller custom trucker hat. Marde went all out with his original design here.

With the midrange trucker you can have contrast brim thread stitching. You can change the under brim fabric colour to help balance the design.

Huge choice in the range for premium fabrics. Such as premium Acrylic/Polyester, premium 100% Cottons including Australian Camouflage designs, Ginghams, Chambreys, Denims Canvas Stripes, Plades, Liberty print fabrics & Suede brims.

The midrange Aussie Trucker Hat is available in High & Low Profile.

  • 3D and flat embroidery
  • Woven side tab
  • Coloured side bands
  • Woven inner label
  • Australian head fit - high
  • Twin sidebands - a unique hallmark of our hats
  • Default - 59cm
  • Medium - 58cm
  • Kids - 56cm
  • Standard: Acrylic/polyester
  • Custom: Any fabric type in our range
  • Original design Double side bands
  • Choice of single or double snapback closure pins
You Customise

Using our exclusive 3D design help tools simply press the customise button on the left under the hat.

Featured Midrange Trucker Hat Designs