Our Iconic Premium Custom Acrylic Beanie With (or Without) Pom Pom

Do you have shift workers, starting early or working late all year round? It can be 3am on the Nullarbor Plain you will need your Aussie Custom Beanie

Turn your community, staff or customers into ambassadors for your business, while also keeping them comfortable, warm and looking good! Our multi design custom made beanie with optional pom pom on the top of the crown. Our unique 6 seam stitch ensures the beanie fits the shape of your head rather than scrunched up on top of your head like most other beanies.

We only use premium acrylic yarn that has a unique soft feel. Many jackaroos and jillaroos have worn our beanies to bed whilst sleeping in their swags under the starlights of the desert.

An other unique feature with our beanies is you can have a normal knit cuff or an optional ribbed cuff running around the base of the beanie.

This area is where you can place a woven sew on-badge and an optional clip-over woven label.

An other option is to have a pom pom or not.

  • Inter-knit text around middle crown
  • Embroidered text or logo on cuff - maximum size 80mm W x 55mm H
  • Optional clip tag on cuff
Shape / Size

One size fits all 58cm

Fabric / Material

100% soft-touch premium acrylic fabric

Embroidered area
  • Front cuff
Unique Features
  • Optional with pom pom or without pom
  • Optional plain body cuff or ribbed cuff

Any custom pantone colour

Featured Beanies Designs


You’re the designer - fun, simple, easy!

Welcome to a new era of beanie design. Through our state-of-the-art 3D configurator, you literally have limitless scope to design the exact beanie you want. You don’t have to draw anything, you don’t have to describe your vision in endless back-and-forth emails, instead, you simply adjust the options and see your style come to life before your eyes.

On the front of the beanie, you’ll find the designated printing area: that’s where the image file with your logo gets precision embroidered.

When your custom knit beanies come back from the workshop, you’ll find they are extremely comfortable and suitable for all-day wear in winter - even cool summer nights! Keep your staff and your fans toasty!

Colour options include a striped cuff with split colouring in a classic double-layer knit.

custom acrylic beanie - add your logo

Key Features

ribbed knit

Optional Ribbed knit cuff

easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning and colour-stable, all you need to do is add detergent and rinse well.

soft touch

100% soft-touch acrylic

Certified 100% soft-touch acrylic - it’s simply the best fabric for a comfortable beanie!

Completely customised undyed yarn

Completely customised

Rest assured, we don’t just buy stock of pre-made beanies and print your logo on the front and sell to you wholesale. When you choose us, your beanie will literally start out as a ball of undyed yarn. This means you can have any colour you want. For us, this means we can maintain complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process. This means you get the highest quality custom product that accurately replicates your design.

Benefits of using beanies to promote your business

Custom beanies are just one part of our wide range of wearable promotional items. Unlike our hats and accessories, however, beanies are the only item we sell that’ll keep your fans, customers, patrons and members warm as well as comfy. And do it while also building significant brand awareness.

A few ways a custom beanie featuring your logo, brand or fund-raising campaign can help raise awareness:

Long lasting advertising:

Make an impression that lasts longer than any digital form of advertising, and you only have to allocate budget once!

Build brand loyalty with existing customers:

A loyalty reward they will actually value and use

Community awareness:

If you have staff or patrons interacting with the general public, your beanies will show off your brand wherever they go.


Working with any organisation that already has a strong presence - sports teams, social clubs, community groups, charities and so on - is a great way to get massive exposure.

Giveaways and promotions:

Looking for prizes to boost your promotion? Looking for a sales sweetener? A custom beanie can keep those prospects warm!

Increase retail sales:

A custom beanie can be a quickfire way to add a retail product to your business. If people like what you do, they’re likely to like a branded beanie too.

Increase staff morale:

Offering high-quality uniform items is a good way to prove to your staff that you care about their comfort. You’re going way beyond just providing regulation uniforms. With a custom beanie, your staff will stay warm, comfortable and look great!

How to design your own beanie with our 3D configurator

Get designing! Try out our new configurator. It’s a powerful 3D design tool for beanies. Experiment with the full range of our customisation options. It’s easy:

Select hat type
1. Select hat type

Go to our Beanie product page. Now let’s make it yours!

Customise your trucker hat
2. Customise your beanie

Play around with the options in the configurator. See your beanie changing colour and taking shape instantly.

Select quantity
3. Select Quantity

To generate a quick quote, simply choose the number of beanies you want to order.

Submit order or request quote
4. Add to cart or request quote

When you click Add to cart, the manufacturing process gets started immediately. If you need a formal quote for management sign-off, click Get a quote and we’ll send through the paperwork. Alternatively, if you’d like to ask a question or want more personal style advice, click Speak to a hat designer.

We’re always here to help
5. We’re always there to help (optional)

You can chat with us at any time throughout the process. Any questions, any advice or any issue - our world-class sales and design team will be there to help.

Why buy your custom beanies from Aussie Trucker Hats?

At Aussie Trucker Hats, we have been in the custom hats business for over 20 years. Our proven track record of providing top-of-the-line personalised beanies, caps and other commercial headwear was established through working with top brands. Odds are you’ve already seen our hats out and about in your community. Among our range, we’re proud to offer custom beanies made in your own style and featuring your company branding.

You can expect our beanies to be:

  • Premium quality
  • Durable
  • Trendy
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean.

Fair to say, these custom beanies are definitely a head turner and a head warmer!

custom branded beanie designs

Frequently asked questions

What is the turnaround time for bulk orders?

For orders between 100 and 10,000 hats, the turnaround time is 28-42 days. Larger orders tend to take slightly longer. The delivery schedule takes this long because your order will be custom made from scratch, starting from undyed materials and natural yarn. If you need a more precise delivery window, please contact our team. Please note, this timeframe can vary due to events outside our control.

What is the minimum order for custom beanies?

The minimum bulk order is 100 pieces per design.

How do we get our company logo on the beanies?

You can upload your logo to our configurator directly. If you have trouble, please contact us.

What resolution does my logo artwork need to be?

This depends on the detail of your design. If the image clearly displays every intricate detail of your design, it should be okay. Still, the image should be 300 DPI. File formats accepted: JPG, PNG, EPS and AI. Please reach out to our designers if you have any queries about this.

Can custom beanies be embroidered?

Absolutely! The fabric we use for beanies is ideal for embroidery.

How to clean a beanie?

Made of acrylic, our beanies are colourfast and machine washable. Simply pop them in for a regular cycle and then air dry.

Who are our custom embroidered beanies for?

Our Aussie pom pom style beanies (or no pom) are perfect for any business or organisations that want to get a long-lasting message out there. That could be custom text on the crown, or your logo embroidered onto the beanie to support your unique application. It’s perfect for:

  • Men, ladies, boys and girls - once size fits all beanies
  • School beanies/collage beanies
  • University beanies
  • Sporting club beanies/team beanies (anything that requires early mornings)
  • Agricultural/tractor driving beanies
  • Custom Aboriginal design beanies
  • Trucker beanies
  • Aussie hunting/shooting beanies
  • Military and camo beanies
  • Ninja beanies
  • Olympic beanies
  • Gaming beanies
  • Soccer beanies
  • Football beanies
  • Snow beanies

Can I retail the custom beanies I buy from you wholesale?

Definitely. With the right design and branding, our beanies let you tap into virtually any demographic. Buy in bulk at wholesale prices, and sell to your customers at a retail mark-up.